Macleod Teams & Latest News - September 2018

Thu 20th of September at 10:10 am


We are off to the big dance with our seniors and under-19s competing in this year’s Grand Final at Preston City Oval. The seniors take on West Preston-Lakeside and there is one change with Nick Lynch returning to replace Rourke Turner. The under-19s will start the day in the Grand Final against Montmorency.



Lucas Hobbs has claimed the Frank Rosbrook Medal as the NFL’s Division 1 best and fairest player. He tied with Michael Brunelli from Heidelberg on 21 votes while another Macleod star Ned McKeown was just two votes from the joint winners. Macleod’s James Williams finished third in the NFL Division 1 under-19s best and fairest while Brae Morgan won the leading goalkicker award. Annie Bugden was runner-up in the NFL Netball Section 5 best and fairest.



There will be a post-match function at Get Wines Direct Oval tomorrow night. Finger food and drinks at bar prices. $20 a head.



Next Thursday night at Get Wines Direct Oval. $40 a head, drinks at bar prices, spit roast, salad and dessert.



We thank all our sponsors for their commitment in 2018. A big shout-out to jumper sponsor Hobbs Trenching and Directional Boring and new premier partner Get Wines Direct. If you are interested in becoming an MFC sponsor at any level in 2019, please see Damian Hurley.



We have a big range of club apparel. See Glenys Schubert.


SENIORS v West Preston-Lakeside, 2.15pm

B: Leggett, Seivers, Schubert

HB: Bianchin, McKeown, J. White

C: K. Manuel, Paynter, S. Doherty

HF: Martin, Hobbs, A. Doherty

F: Barden, R. Brandt, Lynch

R: Langford, Kidd, L. Brandt

IC: Condello, Joyce, H. Manuel, O’Brien


UNDER-19 v Montmorency, 9.00am

B: Tsitsis, Vella, Kantzidis

HB: Ciranna, Weir, Bell

C: Potter, K. Brandt, Cameron

HF: B. Harrington, L. Plant, Corelli

F: Buzzini, J. Williams, Latina

R: B. Plant, Grioli, Morgan

IC: Gordon, McGregor, Meagher, Carpenter, Sorrentino, Greenwood