Macleod Teams & Latest News - August 2018

Thu 23rd of August at 9:47 am


We welcome Northcote to Get Wines Direct Oval for the last home and away game for the 2018 season. Once again we will be competing for the Melican-Anderson Trophy which honours two great servants of both clubs. There are three changes to last week’s side with Patrick Martin, Laurence Schubert and Joseph Ciranna coming in to replace Josh Henkel, Anthony Doherty and Joel Kidd who are all injured.



We encourage all supporters to stick around after the match to celebrate the end of the home and away season. It has been a magnificent year for our senior and under-19s teams who will both finish the season on top of the ladder and earn a week’s break going into the finals which start next weekend. There will be live music, the bar will be open and finger food will be available.



Macleod 1 were big 30-17 winners over Craigieburn 2 in last week’s semi-final and have moved into next Friday’s Grand Final at Parade College (9.30pm). Well done girls!



We thank all our sponsors for their commitment in 2018. A big shout-out to jumper sponsor Hobbs Trenching and Directional Boring and new premier partner Get Wines Direct. If you are interested in becoming an MFC sponsor at any level, please see Damian Hurley.



We have a big range of new club apparel. See Glenys Schubert.


SENIORS v Northcote Park, 2.10pm

B: Hoare, O’Brien, Bianchin

HB: Seivers, McKeown, J. White

C: K. Manuel, Pope, S. Doherty

HF: Martin, R. Brandt, Barden

F: Joyce, Hobbs, Condello

R: Langford, Turner, L. Brandt

IC: H. Manuel, Schubert, Long, Ciranna


RESERVES v Northcote Park, 11.55am

B: Scott, Selbie, T. Newbold

HB: Brannelly, Woodhams, Kovac

C: Baxter, Veszpremi, Michael Milner

HF: M. Newbold, Swainger, Gaylor

F: Gentz, B. Wilding, D. Brandt

R: Hills, Lumsden, Wright

IC: Hall, Wanders, Williams, J. Wilding


UNDER-19 v Northcote Park, 9.40am

B: Fraumano, Vella, Meagher

HB: Kantzidis, McGregor, Bell

C: Potter, K. Brandt, Carpenter

HF: B. Harrington, Weir, Cameron

F: Buzzini, B. Plant, Sorrentino

R: J. Williams, Grioli, Tsitsis

IC: Ramsay, Greenwood, Morgan, L. Plant, Friedrich