Daniel O'Brien Breaks MFNC Games Record

Thu 6th of June at 3:50 pm

Daniel O’Brien – aka OB – started as a shy, skinny kid in 2005. Wearing his trademark long sleeves, he floated around the forward line and we saw glimpses of a young fellow who might make it.

Fast forward 14 years and now that skinny kid is about to become our games record-holder. 

On Saturday, OB will lead the side out against North Heidelberg at Shelley Park in his 251st game. Alongside him will be another Macleod milestone hero in Justin ‘Scooter’ White who will play his 200th senior game.

We salute both, particularly OB who will pass Kane Shaw’s games record for Macleod.

It's been a long and incredible journey after making his debut against Fawkner Park in the now distant days of Division 2.

Like many of our current day stars, OB came to Macleod via the junior club where he had a long and distinguished career and was part of several successful Colts teams.

After a few under-19s games, OB was earmarked as a potential senior player and in fact started his career in the forward line.

He played in the 2006 Grand Final against Greensborough and was an integral part of our rise up the ranks in Division 2.

After three successive losing Grand Finals (2006-08), we finally cracked it in 2009 and OB was an important player that historic (and very windy) day.

OB has been with us all the way on our ride through Division 1 which started in 2010 and reached its peak in 2015 when we won the flag under Garry Ramsay.

Sadly, OB injured his calf in the last home and away game that season and missed the finals and a place in the premiership team. Even sadder he has played in three losing Grand Finals since!

Now a rock in our defence, OB has lived by the edict: never complain, never explain.

He’s still shy but he’s grown up to become of this club’s greatest players.

OB – we salute you as our games record-holder and a champion on and off the field.

Congratulations to you, partner Bec, daughter Maggie and family. Your parents Terry and Marilyn have been wonderful supporters of the club and let’s hope we can chair you off the ground after a famous win.

FOOTNOTE: Go to this link to hear an interview the NFNL’s Samuel Zito did with OB this week