23-5-20 Message from the President

Sat 23rd of May at 8:42 pm

23/5/20 Message from the MFNC President

Hope everyone is well and adjusting to a new way of life during these tough times. I just wanted to update the current environment regarding football season 2020. 

Having recently discussed many issues with the league regarding the commencement of training and playing in season 2020 it is their position to wait for Daniel Andrew’s next announcement on June 1st regarding restrictions. Once these are known all Melbourne Leagues will meet on June 2nd to formalise their position on playing in 2020. 

They will then decide and announce on June 5th if we are playing or cancelling the season. 

There are many challenges facing local footy around the uncertainty of playing versus not playing and positives versus negatives, Macleod’s position is to follow the protocol that the government puts in place and keep moving forward in preparation for training and playing to be as ready as possible if we get the green light. 

In the likely event that the season is cancelled we will move our focus to season 2021 and start to prepare for a particularly challenging time as we will still be moving forward with uncertainties for some time. 

Our players have been outstanding in keeping themselves fit and ready to commence footy and have kept each other engaged and entertained through Team App with guidance from Christian Stagliano, we will continue to monitor the playing group through until we start playing in either 2020 or 2021. 

While we do not have match day costs we still have many expenses that need to be covered and we need to be financially sound for when play resumes. 

We are incredibly grateful to our sponsors who have continued to support the club this year in tough times and we will continue to promote these sponsors through our communication forums. 

We also appreciate all our Club 45 & Club 35 members who have engaged in a fundraising initiative that we started before Covid – 19 hit hard and changed many lives, but you have continued to support these fundraisers which has been instrumental in keeping us in the black. 

The redevelopment of De Winton has been moved forward and started on the 4th May. I will post an update on all our forums next week on the redevelopment which is something we can all look forward to. 

Until then stay safe and hope to see all of you back at the club in the near future. 

Steve Doherty