Round 12 - Teams & latest news

Fri 14th of July at 10:58 am Image

A big day for the club as we celebrate our 70th anniversary against long-time rivals Eltham.


More than 100 guests will attend a pre-match lunch where they will hear stories from past players before the senior team runs out in a special heritage jumper. Attached is a photo of the jumper, modelled by Anthony Doherty, and it’s sure to put a smile on the faces of some of our older supporters.

There are a few changes to the side which lost narrowly at Greensborough last week. Coming into the side are Nick Brannelly, Reece Geary, Jake Chiminello and Kurt Manuel (23rd man) who will make his senior debut. They replace Reid Brandt, James Condello (both injured) and Hayden Manuel.

Tonight Macleod 1 plays West Preston-Lakeside at Parade College at 6.30pm while Macleod 2 takes on Greensborough also at Parade College at 7.20pm.

$5000 DRAW
This year’s major fund-raiser will be held on August 12 at the clubrooms. Tickets will be on sale shortly.

SENIORS v Eltham, 2.10pm
B: Smythe, Leggett, O’Brien
HB: Bianchin, Martin, Henkel
C: A. Doherty, Paynter, Schubert
HF: S. Doherty, Clark, McKeown
F: Totino, Corr, Kidd
R: Jack Langford, Hobbs, L. Brandt
IC: Brannelly, Joyce, Geary, Chiminello, K. Manuel (23rd man)

RESERVES v Eltham, 11.55am
B: Wright, Matt Milner, Brazzale
HB: Nankervis, Swainger, Joe Langford
C: G. Smith, Veszpremi, Pearce
HF: Parker, Gaylor, Lumsden
F: Gentz, Lovett, Driscoll
R: Hills, Salvador, Michael Milner
IC: B. Wilding, Kingston

UNDER-19 v Eltham, 9.40am
B: McGregor, T. Newbold, B. Smith
HB: Gordon, Weir, Kantzidis
C: Cameron, H. Manuel, Grioli
HF: J. White, D. Brandt, Hall
F: M. Newbold, Pierce, Morgan
R: Plant, K. Manuel, Latina
IC: Harrington, Ramsay, Maud, Wishart