Message from the President, Mark Lynch

Fri 31st of March at 9:52 am Image

Macleod Football Club is looking for volunteers in the following areas:


We require some additional volunteers to assist with the cooking teams on Thursday nights. Anyone who can assist please contact Jo McKeown 0449 791 026 or Nicole Brandt 0409 512 709 for further details.

Anyone who can assist in 1 hour blocks at home games including bar, cleaning up, setting up the ground etc. We will have list at the clubrooms over the next few weeks please add your name if you are able to assist. Ian Durrant will manage the rosters for game day activities so please seriously consider your participation. The more names the less the workload across the committee who are also volunteers and many have their own family playing and would also like to watch. If you don’t want to be on the list but can assist contact me via email:

Looking forward to the season and seeing you all at De Winton.

Mark Lynch
President MFNC